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Restorative dentistry

We can restore lost and broken down tooth structure; do root canals, crowns, composite fillings using restorative materials.

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Cleaning and polishing treatment of teeth and gum surgery..

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Beautiful smile

Smile enhancing is done with help of braces (to straighten the teeth) and/or with cosmetic procedures like buildups, veneers, bleaching and tooth jewellery.

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Prosthetic (Dentures)dentistry

Missing teeth can be replaced with removable and fixed dentures and implants.

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Dental Treatment for Children

We treat decaying milk teeth in children so as to prevent the chances of the permanent teeth getting crowded. We adopt a gentle and caring approach in treating children, after understanding their fears and psyche.

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Why Us?

  1. Leading orthodontists. In practice since last 26 years. Now providing total dental care under one roof.
  2. Total dental health care with caring, personalised and pain-free approach.
  3. Scores of happy, smiling patients who can testify our work!

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Our Services

Fillings, Root Canals, Crowns, Caps.

Scaling/Cleaning, Gum surgeries/Gum treatment.

Tooth whitening-bleaching, tooth jewellery.

Bridge - Fixed denture /Removable denture.

Fluoride treatment-fillings in milk teeth, pit and fissure sealant.

Orthodontic braces / wire treatment.

Extractions of teeth - impacted teeth and surgical extractions; dental xray / night gaurd / other dental treatments.

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Case studies

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